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Space smart, modern, free and independent.

Collabor Place is a place that we have created for ourselves and our like-minded people.

We are a community of people who earn money on the crypt. Learn, earn and grow with us!


There are many crypto projects on the market today which promise a lot high profitability.

We have carefully studied available tools and found the one that suits us completely in terms of profitability, ease of use and predictability of the result.

These are MINE and PLEX tokens and a product based on them that allows you to make money on staking. In addition, we have created a system in which building of our own network brings income.


The architecture of the Tezos – LPoS blockchain was taken as the basis of the MinePlex blockchain

The MinePlex blockchain provides:

  • full access to funds 24/7;
  • high security;
  • high profitability due to the liquidity of the PLEX token;
  • solving the problem of inconsistency and unpredictability of volatility.

All operations are conducted in Dashboard

Join the most promising fintech project and earn income from the daily use, exchange and storage of digital assets today!


Main advantages:

  • own blockchain;
  • absence of a third party;
  • limited issue of tokens;
  • minimum volatility;
  • fixed low transactions;
  • high transaction speed.

The PLEX token in numbers: the first year of work

  • in circulation:

    205 734 816.6938

  • the rate to the MINE token :

    167, 1099

  • ROI for 12 months

    735,54 %

  • market value

    1,67 $

  • market capitalization

    346 788 723 $

  • daily trading volume

    33 692 229 $

  • total liquidity

    11 000 000 $



of new users per month

+25 500

of product users for the entire period


of countries

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Join by completing 3 simple steps:

  • Create an account
  • Choose a package
  • Get the link

Earn with us: earn income from building your own affiliate network.

Quick and easy..In one click.

Top up your balance, buy MINE tokens, perform any operations with wallets - generate and transfer. All in one place - Dashboard.