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Become a part of an active community of crypto investors, entrepreneurs, leaders and enthusiasts who already unite 68 countries of the world. Find answers to your questions, improve your knowledge in the training academy, attend events and trips from Collabor.events, prove yourself as a speaker and enlist the support of like-minded people.

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Our ideological leader, entrepreneur, blogger, influencer. Coach, business coach and motivator. The international leader of the network business, the creator of the community and the organizer of major events.
Dill is a media, bright, multifaceted personality. A member of the writers Guild, a fashion designer, a musician, the author of his songs, a member of the jury of various competitions in show business.

«We are waiting for an interesting journey of a lifetime, where each of you can make your contribution so that it turns out to be interesting and memorable! And of course, in addition to new countries and routes, we will also discover new people, study languages and sciences, master new scales and earn a lot of money»


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Mine Club Academy

International online Academy for investment training and earning on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.


Educational channels with useful information about blockchain, nodes, cryptocurrencies with educational quizzes and tests.


The speaker of the course is Anastasia Lozovskaya, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in traditional business. MLM is an entrepreneur with a team of more than 1000 people. Crypto enthusiast since 2020.