Partner educational programs



Several times a week, the community hosts training broadcasts on various topics - from comprehensive personality development and pumping leadership qualities, to thematic crypto-training and detailed product reviews of the MinePlex ecosystem. The broadcasts are held in different languages, each time expanding the geography of the company's influence.

Community members have the opportunity not only to learn new things, get acquainted and earn money in the project, but also to realize their potential as a speaker and expert, becoming a participant in one of the broadcasts of Collaboration.education, the branded podcast "Opinion" on the official telegram channel of the community or the hero of Instagram reality.

What will the training give you?

Knowledge base

An opportunity to understand a new field for yourself, crypto terms and tools, make complex things simple, and start mastering modern investments.

Practical experience

You will learn how to work with crypto exchanges, invest in promising digital projects and build a trading strategy, controlling risks and emotions.

Advanced level

You will master modern cross-fi directions, opening up new opportunities and ways to financial freedom.

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Mine Club Academy

International online Academy for investment training and earning on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

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Innovative educational and practical training center.

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The speaker of the course is Anastasia Lozovskaya, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in traditional business. MLM is an entrepreneur with a team of more than 1000 people. Crypto enthusiast since 2020.

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An effective start in MLM

"Entry into the crypt is possible only with large capitals and high risks" — familiar?
And if we say that you can earn a lot of money in the crypt WITHOUT CAPITAL, only by understanding sales techniques and building your team?

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Crypto Wiki & Digital Alchemist

Educational channels with useful information about blockchain, nodes, cryptocurrencies with educational quizzes and tests.

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Offline meetings

Another type of training program Сollabor camp. It takes place offline in various parts of the world, where any partners of the company who have completed a special seasonal promo can get to. At such meetings, news sessions, training events, leadership award ceremonies, entertaining team recreation, as well as Gala dinners are held. Offline meetings are held in the best resort areas around the world.